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Title: Airsoft BB Gun
Author: Evike
Submit Date: 04 July 2011
Listed in: Sports
Airsoft BB Gun - provides a huge selection of Airsoft BB gun that is used for gaming purpose only. Choose the most popular model of BB guns, which are available for sale on the market today.

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Thallysson Said:
hey got the same gun but got one prob that my gun will shoot about 15 bbs then it will shoot one that makes it song empty then like 3 bbs will come at at once then another bb wil shoot short then one will shoot long i used swiss arms .12 bbs but later on about a colup
Posted: 22 November 2015

Vipin Said:
Good video. try to get a scope for it. also with cyma guns get a better pitosn and pitosn head. they are very low quality guns. But the wood and im guessing steel frame is the best quality part of the gun. The gun is really good looking. And when i heard it at the LVP game the other week. it sounded
Posted: 20 November 2015

Arnie Said:
Tem16 merhaba ben htc hd2 ye bfctfcn uyllgamauarı yaptım fakat daF exe yfcklenmiyor ve telefon f6ylecekaldı ne yapmam gerek bana cevap verebilirseniz sevinirim
Posted: 13 November 2015

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