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Title: 6-weeks-summer-industrail-training
Author: Naresh Bhagat
Submit Date: 14 April 2012
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6 WEEKS SUMMER (INDUSTRIAL) TRAINING PROGRAMME FOR MECHNICAL ENGINEERS LeLogix is organising Industrial Training Program for Mechanical Engineering students during summer 2012. LeLogix Cad Training Centre is known for delivering the world class training in CAD/CAM/CAE. At LeLogix, we are proud to offer the most extensive, high-quality professional development programs in the industry. Our main focus is to provide our Candidates/Trainees, the knowledge to use Engineering Design software in the most efficient and productive manner. Since LeLogix is also providing Design Services to domestic and International Engineering industry, our training programme is Industry oriented. For more information about the LeLogix Cad Training Centre, please visit Duration of Summer / Industrial Training program is 6 weeks (80 Hrs) Special Features of summer/ Industrial Training program is: • Design by 3D Solid Modelling Software like SolidWorks, Pro/E etc. • Le

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